The TSL Snowshoes's strong points? Excellent grip, high-tech features and extremely precise tracking.
TSL, the world leader in snowshoes, strives and continues to offer you the best in snowshoes!

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These comfortable and easily adjusted snowshoes are perfect for people who love a relaxing walk in the snow. Perfect for wide-open spaces and wilderness explorers !

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Alpin Trekking

The perfect way to explore the mountain heights. This range of snow-shoes uses cutting-edge TSL technology for the perfect blend of comfort, technique and grip! These models are recommended for the most demanding explorers!

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Winter Running

Designed for the most demanding of competitions and snow-shoe treks, these high-performance models use the best materials to ensure optimum foot roll, minimum weight and the best possible grip.

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My children

Come and discover our range of snow-shoes designed especially for kids, whether they’re taking their first steps on the snow or following Mum and Dad on the trail. The entire range has one thing in common: a truly simple adjustment system, letting you spend more family time in the snow!

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Snowshoes 418 & 438 Up & Down Fit Grip  : These models are fitted with an...


Snowshoes 305 & 325 ELEVATION  : These rigid snowshoes have extremely simple...


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