The SMART snowshoes by TSL Outdoor open the doors to a smart and innovative snowshoeing experience. With their clever combination of high-tech features and ergonomic design, these snowshoes transform each step into an intelligent and enlightened adventure. Get ready to explore a new dimension of snowshoeing with the SMART snowshoes by TSL Outdoor.

The SMART snowshoes by TSL Outdoor redefine the boundaries of innovation. With an integrated smart system, they provide an unparalleled snowshoeing experience. With advanced features such as distance tracking, altitude measurement, and navigation, the SMART snowshoes ensure optimized and connected snow exploration.




In the enchanting world of winter landscapes, SMART Snowshoes and their accompanying accessories stand out as a testament to the perfect harmony between innovation and nature. With an unparalleled blend of precision, control, and the joy of movement, these snowshoes redefine the snowshoeing experience. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey with SMART Snowshoes and their accompanying accessories by TSL Outdoor, where each step becomes a seamless dance of grip, stability, and boundless exploration.


Unleashing the Potential: SMART Snowshoes

TSL Outdoor introduces a revolution in snowshoeing with their SMART Snowshoes, offering the perfect compromise between traditional snowshoes and the freedom of movement synonymous with outdoor exploration. Designed for men and women alike, these snowshoes combine intuitive and precise control with exceptional grip and traction on various snow surfaces. SMART Snowshoes from TSL Outdoor redefine the boundaries of winter adventure, making each step an ode to the beauty of the natural world.


Precision and Control at Its Finest

With an innovative fit system, SMART Snowshoes ensure a customized fit that optimizes comfort and performance. Their light and minimalist design seamlessly blends with your boots, establishing a connection that is completely in tune with your movements. The quick and easy process of putting on and tightening the BOA fit system allows you to focus on the trail ahead. The increased surface area, combined with strategically located crampons, provides exceptional grip and controlled support, enhancing each step with unwavering confidence.


Embrace Endless Exploration with Confidence and Essential Accessories

SMART Snowshoes unlock a world of limitless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts, from leisurely walks through winter wonderlands to invigorating trail running adventures. To complement your snowshoeing experience, TSL Outdoor offers a range of essential accessories designed to enhance your performance and comfort. From adjustable poles that provide balance and stability to specially designed backpacks that carry your gear and necessities, these accessories ensure that you're fully equipped for your snowy escapades. Embrace the beauty of winter with ease, confidence, and controlled support, while making use of the SMART Snowshoes and their accompanying accessories.


Embracing the SMART Snowshoeing Experience

Winter exploration reaches new heights with SMART Snowshoes and their accompanying accessories, as they effortlessly combine technological advancements with the natural joy of walking. The ergonomic design and precise traction make walking easier, safer, and more enjoyable on any snow surface. The SMART binding system allows for a natural and intuitive stride, while the lightweight construction ensures freedom of movement without compromise. Every step becomes a testament to the perfect balance between grip, stability, and the convenience provided by the essential accessories. Let the SMART Snowshoes and their accompanying accessories by TSL Outdoor be your gateway to discovering the untamed beauty of snowy trails and endless outdoor escapades.




  • What are the special features of TSL SMART snowshoes?

Here are some key points about TSL smart snowshoes technologies:

  1. With no pre-adjustment required, SMART is quick to put on and take off. Simply tighten the BOA®
  2. Fit System, the boot becomes one with the SMART for exceptional foothold.
  3. Traction bars ensure optimum grip on all types of snow, up and downhill.


  • Can you wear any boots with my TSL SMART snowshoes?

TSL Smart Snowshoes and snowshoes in general are compatible with various types of winter boots, but it is important to choose boots that provide a good fit and proper support. Opt for boots that are at least mid-calf height or higher, waterproof or water-resistant, and have a sturdy outsole for traction on slippery surfaces. Additionally, boots with a flexible sole will allow for a more natural stride while wearing snowshoes. It is essential to consider these factors to ensure comfort, stability, and optimal performance during snowshoeing adventures.


  • Are plastic snowshoes good?

Plastic snowshoes can be a good option for recreational snowshoeing on moderate terrain and packed trails. They offer durability, lightweight design, and affordability, making them suitable for kids, beginners or occasional snowshoers.

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