Introducing the HYPERFLEX Snowshoe Range by TSL Outdoor – where innovation and performance come together to push the boundaries of winter exploration. With their revolutionary design and exceptional flexibility, HYPERFLEX snowshoes offer a natural and agile walking experience on all types of snowy terrains. Get ready for an uncompromising adventure with HYPERFLEX snowshoes by TSL Outdoor.

The HYPERFLEX snowshoe range by TSL Outdoor is a testament to cutting-edge design and advanced technology. With their flexible and adaptive construction, HYPERFLEX snowshoes provide a natural and responsive walking experience on varied winter terrains. The snowshoes are designed to enhance performance and agility, the HYPERFLEX range is your ultimate companion for conquering snowy landscapes with ease and confidence.



Step into the realm of winter adventures with Hyperflex Snowshoes by TSL Outdoor. These remarkable snowshoes combine innovation, performance, and a touch of magic to elevate your winter exploration. Get ready to experience the freedom, comfort, and traction like never before with Hyperflex Snowshoes for men, women and kids.


Unleash the Power of Hyperflex Technology

TSL Outdoor introduces the Hyperflex range, featuring cutting-edge technology that takes snowshoeing to new heights. The Hyperflex design, inspired by nature's own genius, seamlessly blends flexibility and stability for an unparalleled snowshoeing experience. Each step is enhanced by the symbiotic relationship between your feet and the terrain, providing a harmonious connection that allows you to navigate with confidence and grace.


Unmatched Comfort and Performance

Hyperflex Snowshoes are engineered with your comfort and performance in mind. The unique shock-absorbing system absorbs sound and impact, providing a smooth and enjoyable walking experience. The Hyperflex adjust system allows you to set the position of your snowshoes with ease, ensuring a customized fit that adapts to the contours of your feet. With Hyperflex Snowshoes, you'll feel like you're gliding effortlessly on the snow, free to explore without limitations.


Unravel the Secrets of Hyperflex Accessories

Enhance your snowshoeing adventure with a range of Hyperflex accessories for poles and snowshoes by TSL Outdoor. From crampons that provide exceptional traction on steep terrains to Hyperflex adjust sets that offer precise fit customization, these accessories elevate your snowshoeing performance to the next level. Experience the ease of use and versatility as you embrace the wonders of winter with confidence.


Rediscover Winter Wonderland with Hyperflex Snowshoes

Rediscover the beauty and tranquility of winter landscapes with Hyperflex Snowshoes by TSL Outdoor. These snowshoes offer a feeling of freedom and a connection to nature that is unparalleled. Traverse through deep snow, ascend steep hills, and navigate tricky terrains with extraordinary traction and stability. The Hyperflex technology, coupled with the innovative design, ensures maximum foot surround and adaptability, allowing you to conquer any winter wonderland with ease.




  • Is there a weight limit for Hyperflex snowshoes?

Yes, Hyperflex snowshoes typically have a weight limit that varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer. It is important to check the manufacturer's guidelines and specifications to ensure that you choose the appropriate snowshoes for your weight. Exceeding the weight limit may affect the performance and durability of the snowshoes.


  • Can you walk on concrete with Hyperflex snowshoes? 

While it is technically possible to walk on concrete with snowshoes, it is not recommended. Hyperflex snowshoes are specifically designed for walking on snow or soft terrain, and walking on concrete can cause damage to the snowshoe frames and crampons. Additionally, the traction features on snowshoes may not be effective on hard surfaces, making it more difficult to walk safely and comfortably.


  • What are the differences between Hyperflex and Discovery snowshoes?

The main differences between Hyperflex snowshoes and Discovery snowshoes from TSL Outdoor are as follows:

Hyperflex snowshoes:

  1. Flexible frame for better adaptation to uneven terrain.
  2. Front and rear joints for greater flexibility and fluidity of movement.
  3. Up & Down heel support facilitates ascents and descents by adjusting the inclination of the snowshoe.
  4. Suitable for users seeking advanced performance and optimum adaptation to variable conditions.

Discovery snowshoes:

  1. Rigid frame for solid stability and good weight distribution.
  2. Easy Up fastening system for quick and easy set-up and adjustment.
  3. Versatile and adapted to different types of terrain and snow conditions.
  4. Suitable for beginners and occasional users thanks to their ease of use and versatility.

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