Discover kids snowshoes from TSL Outdoor, the ideal accessory to help your little ones make the most of winter. Specially designed to offer comfort, stability and safety, our children's snowshoes guarantee snowy adventures full of fun and exploration. With features tailored to their size and activity level, TSL Outdoor youth snowshoes offer the perfect introduction to the fun of winter hiking.

Kids Snowshoes: Explore Winter with Safety and Passion

TSL Outdoor offers a fantastic range of children's snowshoes, providing the perfect gear for young adventurers to make the most of the winter season. Designed with comfort, stability and safety in mind, our youth snowshoes guarantee joyful and exploratory snow adventures. With features tailored to their size and activity level, TSL Outdoor kids' snowshoes offer the perfect introduction to the fun of winter hiking.


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Snowshoes Designed for Young Adventurers

Snowy Adventures for Adventurous Minds

Winter offers a multitude of opportunities for inquisitive young minds to explore. With children's snowshoes, young adventurers can enjoy the magic of winter in complete safety. At TSL Outdoor, we understand the importance of allowing children to connect with nature and thrive on exciting winter experiences. That's why we offer a range of snowshoes specially designed for youngsters, offering comfort, stability and safety for unforgettable snow adventures.

Lightweight, Easy to Use and Specially Designed for Kids

TSL Outdoor children's snowshoes are carefully designed to meet the unique needs of young adventurers. Lightweight and easy to use, they are perfectly suited to children, allowing them to walk on snow with ease and confidence. With a robust aluminum frame, they offer both stability and durability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Thanks to their ergonomic design and adjustable bindings, youngsters can easily adjust the snowshoes to their feet, offering a perfect fit for effortless use.

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Many Brands and Models Suitable for Children

At TSL Outdoor, we offer a wide selection of snowshoes for kids from the best brands in the industry. Whether it's for family outings, school trips or playing in the snow, we have the perfect snowshoes for every occasion. With kid-specific features like colorful patterns and fun illustrations, our junior snowshoes add a touch of fun to every step.

Buy with Confidence on Our Website

Our user-friendly, secure online shop makes it easy to get the best kids snowshoes on the market. With a wide choice of models, detailed descriptions and advice on how to use them, you can find the perfect product for your young adventurer. Our professional team is also on hand to answer your questions and help you choose the right snowshoes for your specific needs.



At what age can children start snowshoeing?

Children can start snowshoeing at a young age, generally between 4 and 6. However, the exact age may vary depending on the child's physical development and coordination skills. It's important to assess each child individually and determine whether he or she is ready for snowshoeing. By starting with shorter, easier trails and providing adequate supervision and guidance, young snowshoers will have a safe and enjoyable experience. As they grow and gain confidence, children can gradually take on more challenging snowshoeing adventures.

What is the best size for kids snowshoes?


At TSL Outdoor, the size of kids snowshoes varies depending on the specific model. It's not the same with men's snowshoes and women's snowshoes. We offer different sizes adapted to the age and height of children. To determine the appropriate snowshoe size for your child, we recommend that you refer to the size guide provided by TSL Outdoor. This guide takes into account the child's height and weight, ensuring an optimal fit and a safe and comfortable snowshoeing experience. Please feel free to consult our size guide or contact our team for personalized advice on choosing the right snowshoe size for your child.

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