Discover the GRIP Snowshoe Range by TSL Outdoor – a true revelation in the world of winter adventure. With exceptional traction, unrivaled stability, and cutting-edge design, the GRIP snowshoes push the boundaries of performance on the snow. Get ready to explore snowy landscapes with utmost confidence, courtesy of the GRIP range by TSL Outdoor

The GRIP snowshoe range by TSL Outdoor embodies the ultimate performance on the snow. With unmatched traction and exceptional stability, these snowshoes offer a snow walking experience without compromise. Designed with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, TSL Outdoor's GRIP snowshoes allow menwomen and kids to confidently explore the most challenging winter terrains.


Immerse yourself in a captivating winter wonderland with GRIP Snowshoes by TSL Outdoor. With unparalleled grip, unwavering stability, and cutting-edge design, these snowshoes push the boundaries of snowshoeing performance. Get ready for unforgettable winter adventures with GRIP Snowshoes, where each step becomes a graceful dance between you and the snowy wilderness.

The Ultimate Grip: GRIP Snowshoes

TSL Outdoor's GRIP Snowshoes are specifically engineered to provide unmatched grip on snow. Whether it's icy terrain, packed snow, or steep slopes, these snowshoes deliver flawless stability and unwavering confidence during your winter escapades. The premium stainless steel spikes offer reliable traction, while the anti-slip crampons ensure total control on slippery surfaces. With GRIP snowshoes, every step is a secure stride towards new discoveries.

Conquer Trails in Any Season

Whether you're an avid hiker or a trail runner, GRIP Snowshoes are your ideal companion for all winter adventures. Their versatility allows you to tackle various snow conditions, from groomed trails to steep inclines and rugged terrains. GRIP Snowshoes offer you the freedom to explore beautiful snowy landscapes and secluded trails while providing superior grip and optimal stability.

Comfort and Performance

TSL Outdoor's GRIP Snowshoes are designed with comfort and performance in mind. The adjustable snowshoe bindings ensure a personalized fit, while the sturdy straps keep your feet in place for comfortable and slip-free walking. Additionally, their lightweight construction allows for agile and effortless movement, reducing fatigue during long days of snowy exploration. With GRIP Snowshoes, you can focus on the snowy experience surrounding you while enjoying optimal comfort and exceptional performance.

Accessories for a Complete Adventure

To enhance your experience with GRIP Snowshoes, TSL Outdoor offers a range of accessories tailored to your needs. From anti-slip ice cleats for extra grip on icy surfaces to gaiters for keeping your feet dry, these snowshoes accessories allow you to gear up for all winter conditions. Enjoy free shipping on select accessories for an even more enjoyable shopping experience.

Explore Snowy Landscapes with GRIP Snowshoes

Whether you're a hiking enthusiast, a trail-running aficionado, or simply seeking a memorable winter experience, GRIP Snowshoes by TSL Outdoor are here to accompany you. Their exceptional grip, unwavering stability, and cutting-edge design empower you to conquer winter landscapes with confidence. So, get ready for unforgettable adventures in winter wonderlands with GRIP Snowshoes, your trusted companions for secure steps in the snow.



  • What's the difference between Grip snowshoes and Hyperflex snowshoes?

The GRIP snowshoes from TSL Outdoor are traditional snowshoes with a fixed frame, multidirectional stainless steel crampons, and adjustable bindings, providing good traction and easy usability for beginners. The Hyperflex snowshoes from TSL Outdoor, on the other hand, feature a flexible frame that allows for better adaptation to uneven terrain, along with front and rear articulations that offer increased flexibility during snowshoeing.

  • Are SMART snowshoes part of the Grip snowshoes?

No, SMART snowshoes are not part of GRIP snowshoes. SMART snowshoes are a separate line of snowshoes offered by TSL Outdoor. While both the GRIP and SMART snowshoes are produced by TSL Outdoor, they are distinct models with their own unique features and characteristics. Each model is designed to cater to different preferences and requirements of snowshoe users.

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