What are the guarantees on the TSL Outdoor products ?

TSL’s products are guaranteed for 2 years after purchase against any defect resulting from material, manufacturing, or design defects subject to the following provisions.

The warranty will be voided:

- If the product has been repaired or changed by buyer or third parties appointed by either of these latter.

- If the defective operation results from negligence or imprudence on buyer’s part (example: tube breakage)

- If the defect results from abuse or accidental breakage unrelated to the intended use of the product.

The guarantee does not cover: the parts subject to wear and tear (Example: handles, straps/gauntlets, pole tips), unless subject to a production defect identified by the manufacturer.


What if I have a defect or problem needing repair ?

Contact your retailer for assistance, or contact TSL USA through our website or email at info@tslsnowshoes.com with photos of the problem and proof of purchase if it’s a warranty issue.

Under our warranty the seller or TSL will repair or replace any defective part, free of charge and promptly.

Your product is no longer covered by the guarantee ?

Contact  customer service at info@tslsnowshoes.com or using our form on this website. We will provide you with a solution and a price quote.


 Caring for your products

We recommend that you dry your equipment before storing it in a completely dry place after each use.