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From snowshoeing to family hikes, cross-country skiing and winter running, we have a selection that's suitable for every activity !

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To explore the mountains, TSL offers several ranges of products that use cutting-edge technologies and perfectly combine for the perfect blend of walking comfort, the latest technology and optimal grip. These models are recommended for the most demanding explorers !

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For walkers who prefer an easy-going trail, product ranges that appeal by their comfort combined with ease of adjustment. Ideal for lovers of wide open spaces and thrill seekers !

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Winter Exploration: Hiking Through Snowy Landscapes


Conquering Winter with TSL Outdoor

Welcome to the enchanting world of winter hiking, a captivating adventure where every step resonates in the soft murmur of fresh snow. At TSL Outdoor, we invite you to delve into winter with a series of experiences that transcend traditional trails, turning each hike into a snowy epic.


Warm Gear for Memorable Moments Elegance and Warmth: Winter Hiking with TSL Outdoor

As winter approaches, the landscape transforms into a white canvas of opportunities. Explore our range of warm gear designed to face the most rigorous conditions. From insulated hiking boots to thermal jackets, each product combines functionality and style, allowing you to fully enjoy your hike, no matter how cold.


From Snow to Summits: Unforgettable Winter Hikes Where Magic Happens: Itinerary Ideas with TSL Outdoor

The mountain, draped in its white coat, offers a spectacular backdrop for unforgettable winter hikes. Discover our suggested routes through the Massif Central, where the snow sparkles under a brilliant winter sun. From breathtaking viewpoints to remote corners of the world, each itinerary is carefully selected to offer exceptional moments.


On Snowshoes or on Foot: A Guide for All Adventures Beyond Beaten Paths: Snowshoeing with TSL Outdoor

Winter hiking is not limited to marked trails. Explore our guide on using snowshoes, your passport to explorations beyond the usual paths. TSL Outdoor offers innovative snowshoes that ensure optimal grip, allowing you to proudly walk where snow is often the only footprint.


Hiking Partners: Nature in Its Purest Form Discover Winter with Friends

Winter becomes a shared experience. With our hiking partners, discover places where snowy solitude becomes a welcome companion. Our products are designed to be your most reliable allies, resistant to extreme conditions so you can focus on the pure essence of winter hiking.


Beyond the Landscape: Hiking with TSL Outdoor From Inspiration to Reality

Each winter hike with TSL Outdoor is a fusion of inspiration and reality. Explore our ideas, immerse yourself in adventures where the winter cold is swept away by the warmth of experience. Explore, discover, and redefine your vision of winter hiking with us.


At TSL Outdoor, we shape winter into a season of discoveries, where each hike is a story told by footsteps in the snow. Get ready to be part of this unique narrative, where each adventure is an escapade into the frozen beauty of nature.