Introducing the HYPERFLEX Snowshoe Range by TSL Outdoor – where innovation and performance come together to push the boundaries of winter exploration. With their revolutionary design and exceptional flexibility, HYPERFLEX snowshoes offer a natural and agile walking experience on all types of snowy terrains. Get ready for an uncompromising adventure with HYPERFLEX snowshoes by TSL Outdoor.

The HYPERFLEX snowshoe range by TSL Outdoor is a testament to cutting-edge design and advanced technology. With their flexible and adaptive construction, HYPERFLEX snowshoes provide a natural and responsive walking experience on varied winter terrains. Designed to enhance performance and agility, the HYPERFLEX range is your ultimate companion for conquering snowy landscapes with ease and confidence.


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Unveiling a New Dimension of Comfort and Performance in Snowshoeing

Symbioz Hyperflex: Where Comfort Meets Performance

Embrace winter with the groundbreaking Symbioz Hyperflex snowshoes by TSL Outdoor, a testament to our commitment to innovation and your ultimate winter experience.


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Innovative Flexibility for Unparalleled Comfort

The heart of the Hyperflex series lies in its innovative design, featuring a flexible frame that adapts to the natural stride of your walk. This provides extraordinary comfort, making your snowy trails feel like a walk in the park.

Symbioz Hyperflex Technology: Elevating Your Stride

The Symbioz Hyperflex technology integrates vertical blades into the frame, enhancing traction on various terrains. Whether you're on steep slopes or navigating deep snow, these snowshoes provide unmatched stability and support.

Easy Adjustment for Varied Conditions

Adaptability is key when it comes to winter conditions. The Hyperflex snowshoes come with a quick and easy adjustment system. Whether you're changing terrain or just adjusting to your preferred fit, the process is seamless, ensuring you spend less time adjusting and more time enjoying.


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Traction Beyond Ordinary

The metallic - Hyperflex crampons provide top-tier traction, ensuring a secure grip even on challenging surfaces. From icy slopes to powdery trails, experience the confidence to traverse any winter landscape.

Hyperflex Access: Designed for Every Explorer

For those seeking a perfect blend of ease and performance, the Hyperflex Access is your ideal companion. With an emphasis on ease of use and versatility, these snowshoes are perfect for both beginners and seasoned winter enthusiasts.

Symbioz Hyperflex Instinct: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Take your winter hikes to new heights with the Symbioz Hyperflex Instinct. Engineered for steep slopes and deep snow, these snowshoes are the pinnacle of performance. The shock-absorbing system ensures every step is sound and shock-free.


Sustainable and Repairable


Beyond innovation, TSL Outdoor is committed to sustainability. The Hyperflex snowshoes are not only durable but also repairable. Our products are made to last, reducing environmental impact and ensuring your gear stays with you for years.


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TSL Outdoor: Where Passion Meets Quality

As a French manufacturer of snowshoes, TSL Outdoor has been a pioneer in creating innovative outdoor products. With a focus on safety, ease of use, and versatility, our products redefine the winter experience.

Choose Your Ideal Snowshoes Today

Whether you're a casual winter walker or an avid snowshoer, the Hyperflex series has something for everyone. Explore the collection and register your product for a hassle-free experience. With TSL Outdoor, every winter walk is facilitated, providing an experience that goes beyond ordinary snowshoeing.



  1. Frame Design:

    • Hyperflex: Incorporates a flexible frame to facilitate a natural and comfortable stride, providing adaptability to varied terrains.
    • Discovery: Features a stable and durable frame, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use, making it particularly suitable for beginners.
  2. Performance Level:

    • Hyperflex: Geared towards users with a higher skill level, offering advanced technical performance for more demanding snowshoeing adventures.
    • Discovery: Designed for those new to snowshoeing, emphasizing straightforwardness and accessibility.
  3. Versatility:

    • Hyperflex: Exhibits versatility across diverse winter landscapes, making it suitable for a range of terrains and conditions.
    • Discovery: Geared towards a more relaxed snowshoeing experience, ideal for those seeking simplicity and ease.
  4. Binding Systems:

    • Hyperflex: Equipped with advanced binding systems that provide a precise and secure fit, enhancing overall performance.
    • Discovery: Features simple and user-friendly binding systems, making it well-suited for individuals new to snowshoeing.


  • How to Adjust Hyperflex Snowshoes for Optimal Comfort?

Adjusting Hyperflex snowshoes for optimal comfort is a quick and straightforward process. Follow these steps using the intuitive adjustment system to customize the length and width according to your feet. Ensure that the straps are securely tightened for maximum support, but leave some room for proper blood circulation. For specific guidance, refer to the adjustment guide included with your Hyperflex snowshoes or reach out to our customer service for assistance.

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