• What are the guarantees on the TSL Outdoor products?
    TSL’s products are guaranteed against any operation defect resulting from any material, manufacturing or designing defect subject to the following provisions. This warranty applies for 2 years after the delivery of the product in accordance with article L. 211-12 of the french Consumers’ Code. Replacement parts available, 5 years. Manufacturing defects are covered subject to normal maintenance and normal use (hiking).
    The warranty shall not apply :
    - If the product has been repaired or changed by buyer or third parties appointed by either of these latter.
    - If it is for parts made by seller’s sub-contractors or suppliers, in which case the sub-contractor’s or supplier’s warranty applies.
    - If the defective operation results from negligence or imprudence on buyer’s part (example : tube breakage)
    - If the defective operation results from force majeure or an outside fact.

    The guarantee does not cover: the parts subject to wear and tear (Example : handles, straps/gauntlets, tips), unless subject to a production defect identified by the manufacture.

    When a guaranteed defect is found by the buyer, buyer should send a complaint with the proof of purchase, to the seller, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within 45 days of the date on which the defect was found.
    Under the warranty the seller will replace any part found to be defective by his technical department, free of charge and promptly. This warranty applies in all countries regardless of the country where the product was purchased and regardless of where the damage occurs. In addition some agreements between TSL and its retailers may depart from this rule based on legislation on non-EU countries.
  • Caring for your products

    Your product is still covered by the guarantee (see above)
    If you bought your product from one of our retailers, you need to take it back to that shop with your proof of purchase within a maximum of two years. The retailer will contact TSL for repairs if the product cannot by repaired in-store.

    Your product is no longer covered by the guarantee
    Please contact our Customer Services department using our form. We will provide you with a quote.

  • How can I activate my guarantee ?

    We recommend that you dry your equipment before storing it in a completely dry place after each use.


  • What does TSL mean?

    It was during a trip to North America in the early 1980’s, the founder of TSL discovered snowshoeing. When he returned to his native Thônes in Haute-Savoie, France, and saw himself surrounded by a landscape of good, fresh snow, he was inspired to adopt these snowshoes and make them out of plastic. This is how TSL came to be: TSL stands for Thônes Sport Loisirs. And a few years later, TSL became Technique Sport Loisirs.


  • Choosing the perfect snowshoe for you

    Each snowshoe is made up of 3 key elements:
    • Decking: to bear your weight, keep you above the snow and maintain your grip. It can be rigid or flexible.
    • The bindings: for comfort and a secure fit
    • The crampons and point: to keep your traction on a variety of different snow types and slopes.
    Choose your model according to your body and how you intend to use your snowshoes. Don’t forget, you can also use our snowshoe selection guide!

  • What is the blocker on the snowshoe bindings for ?

    The primary function of a binding lock on beginner-level TSL snowshoes is to make storage and transport easier. It can be used on rare occasions for reassuring beginners during a descent or for walking backwards in certain conditions.
    For high-end snowshoes, the ergonomic design – which facilitates a natural walking style – is enhanced thanks not only to the telescopic bindings but also to the frames; rocker frames on our Highlander model or super-flexible frames on our Symbioz model. Walking with the binding locked in place is counter-productive when trying to achieve a natural walking style, which is why you won’t find this feature on these models.

  • Where are the TSL snowshoes manufactured ?

    In France, of course !
    Our production sites are located in the Haute-Savoie region.


  • Where can I find TSL OUTDOOR products?

    You can find TSL products in a store near you. Just have a look at our Points of Sale section.
    We do however have a number of high-quality on-line partners in France who stock all of our products.

  • I don’t live in France and no retailer seems to operate in my country.

    - You should contact the TSL distributor for your country : see the Worldwide section to find the address of your closest retailer.
    - It is possible that our products are not distributed and sold in your country.



  • How can I apply for a job or an internship ?

    Please send your application by e-mail to or by post to : TSL OUTDOOR, Service des Ressources Humaines, 9 rue du Pré Faucon, PAE Les Glaisins, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux (France).