People are the raison d'être of TSL. This adventure of family entrepreneurship would have neither flavour nor purpose without all the people who make it up. Since the beginning, TSL has paid particular attention to the well-being of the individuals who shape its history.

Respect and benevolence are at the heart of the company's development. Thanks to radiant human energy, we carry out beautiful projects every year that lead us to ambitious goals.

It is therefore natural that TSL is committed to respecting equality between women and men when they join the company and throughout their careers.


Since 2019, the Gender Equality Index has enabled companies to measure their progress in terms of the pay gap between women and men in equal positions and ages.

The objective set by the government is to eliminate the existing gaps at a national level.

The Index, scored out of 100 points, is calculated on the basis of 5 key indicators.

The company must reach a minimum level of 75 points. If it does not, it must implement corrective measures within 3 years or pay penalties of up to 1% of the wage bill. The average of the companies over 2023 is 88/100.


In 2023, TSL scores 80 / 100:

- Gender pay gap: 40 / 40

- Gap in the distribution of individual increases between women and men: 15 / 35

- Percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave: 15 / 15

- Parity between women and men among the 10 highest earners: 10 / 10


On the strength of this good score, TSL is proud to be a player in gender equality and is committed to continuing its efforts to achieve complete parity between the company's employees.