Welcome to TSL Outdoor, where every hiking pole is expertly crafted for each individual’s unique journey. Because nature is your environment, we imagine and manufacture poles so that each one of you can find your heart’s desire depending on what to do and how you want to do it


From cross-country skiing and hiking to snowshoeing and Nordic walking, our poles aim to help you balance effectively and reduce physical exertion. Explore our range today and discover how TSL Outdoor can enhance your hiking experience.



Cross-country skiing, approaches, hiking, snowshoeing… TSL poles help you move more easily by helping you balance effectively and reducing the effort required from you.


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TSL offers a complete range of innovative poles designed specifically for Nordic walking.

Tactil Generation removes all the constraints of regular poles offering no tips changes to adapt to the terrain. No permanent attachment to your hand.

Our Tactile series is now the pole to adapt to the environment as well as user movements. We are proud to have given life to the simplest and most technical poles on the market.


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TSL offers a complete range of innovative poles for Trail designed to handle rugged conditions.Made to accommodate a variety of terrains and challenges. These trail poles provide excellent support for any hiking expedition.


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TSL introduces Ski Mountaineering Poles designed for the toughest alpine challenges. Engineered for reliability and precision, our poles are your trusted companion in the world of ski mountaineering. Elevate your performance with TSL today.


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Improve Stability and Balance

Poles for snowshoeing provide additional points of contact with the ground, enhancing stability and balance. On uneven terrain or when traversing slopes, adjustable poles become invaluable aids in maintaining an upright posture.

A Commitment to Quality

At TSL Outdoor, our commitment to quality and innovation shines through in each hiking and trekking pole. Our Trekking poles are known for their adaptability and resilience. Whether you’re traversing icy terrains or hiking up a hill, our poles - from the Connect, Tour, and Move series - serve as reliable companions.

Made in the French Alps, our poles represent a blend of innovation, quality, and the spirit of adventure.

A Variety of Snowshoes Poles

Visit our online store to explore our collection of poles for snowshoeing. With varied lengths, adjustable mechanisms, and ergonomic designs, our poles cater to diverse needs and preferences.


What is the optimum length for snowshoes poles?

When it comes to snowshoes poles, having the right equipment is crucial for comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment. When choosing your snowshoes poles, make sure you choose the right length and size:

Your Height -> Recommended Pole Length

5 ft. or shorter -> 100 cm (39 in.)

5 ft. 1 in. to 5 ft. 7 in. -> 110cm (43 in.)

5 ft. 8 in. to 5 ft. 11 in. -> 120cm (47 in.)

6 ft. or taller -> 130cm (51 in.)

Are gaiters necessary for snowshoeing, besides snowshoes poles?

While snowshoeing, you should also wear hiking gaiters because they will prevent ice or snow from getting into your boots. Hiking gaiters provide effective protection for your boots and ankles during hikes by shielding them from external elements. These gear are especially crucial when snowshoeing as they prevent snow or ice from entering your boots.

Keeping your feet dry is essential to avoid blisters and lower the risk of frostbite. It's important to invest in high-quality, waterproof hiking gaiters that offer impenetrable barriers, ensuring complete protection for your ankles, boots, legs, and feet as you navigate snowy terrains with your snowshoes.