Snowshoes 418 & 438 Up & Down Fit Grip  : These models are fitted with an Up&Down lift (TSL patent) to reduce the effects of walking uphill and downhill (the back of the binding passes under the frame to keep the foot flat and prevent it from pressing against the toe of the shoe). grip featuring the precise BOA® Fit System for these Up&Down frames.


Level of difficulty : SUMMIT, 3/3

Suitable for experienced hikers looking for technicality, grip and comfort. 


Hourglass shape : allows for easier stride when walking

Design 3D : Maximum climbing and side-hill traction under the foot



- Lock Adjustment : This easy-to-use adjustment memorizes your shoe size for all your snowshoeing outings.

- BOA® Fit System : The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.

- Tightening through a ratchet system for a secure and fast fit

- Sound and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)



This TSL patented Up insert equipped with the Up & Down system reduces slope effects and significantly improves comfort while walking uphill or downhill.



TSL thus guarantees outstanding grip when walking uphill, downhill or on a slope in all kinds of snow.

- Design 3D : Maximum climbing and side-hill traction under the foot

- Front teeth for maximum traction on steep terrain

- 6 + 2 replaceable steel crampons

- lateral teeths


All our pairs of snowshoes are supplied with bags for transport and storage.


57.5 x 21 cm 22.6 x 8.3"
64 x 22.5 cm
990g x 2 2.20 lbs x 2
1060g x 2
2 x 8
2 x 8
Grips latéraux
2 x 2
2 x 2

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