Trail pole TRAIL ADDICT TRAIL CARBON 1 GRIP CORK : This 100% Carbon, great resistance and vibration absorption, is packed with the most advanced technology on the market. Reserved for more demanding users.

- The time-saving magnetic design allows you to connect the glove to the pole quickly and easily.

- The 100% carbon single staff construction means there’s no vibration.
- The 100% carbon single staff construction means that the poles are ultra-light.
- Extraordinary multi-terrain grip for future “Crossover Pad” fans.
- Held in place really well due to the ergonomic glove, which is comfortable and precise. Its breathable fabrics and reinforced sides give you incredible support and pinpoint accuracy.

- The Crossover Pad helps to avoid contributing to the erosion of paths as can be the case with standard spikes.
- With the Crossover Pad there’s no risk of injuring competitors or friends while you are walking.
- No noise pollution - the Crossover Pad is incredibly quiet.

- Bi-material Cork handle 
- Ultra-comfortable grip 
- Strap : Magnetic System (S : 105, 110 cm – L : > 110cm) 
- 1 part 100% Carbon 
- Tungsten tip
- Crossovers


Magnetic Cork
155 g x 2 (115 cm) 0.34 lbs x 2 (45")

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