The new, all-terrain version of the Yooner!
The Yooner Enduro has all the qualities that have made the Yooner such a success (comfort, suspension, claw brake) but with some major added advantages: you’ll love its carved ski, suitable for all types of snow, its lightness, design.
Take it with you everywhere!

The Yooner lets you sled down a slope sitting comfortably on a seat mounted on a spring and to turn corners by simply rotating your shoulders, the handle insures great balance. The Yooner’s key advantage is that it’s easy to handle, great fun and immediately exciting. The Yooner is for all ages and anyone who wants to share in an easy, fun activity. It’s also a way of bringing skiers and non-skiers together and bringing more variety to life in the snow!


Chassis : 

Very good base with curved handle providing excellent steering of the Yooner.

Ski :

Carved ski, suitable for all types of snow

Shock absorber :

It absorbs the relief of the slope and makes the descent more comfortable

Braking :

To stop yourself, skid just as you would in skiing. 


Made in France.


24 x 39 x 9.5"
6.50 lbs

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