A range of snowshoes for all needs and all users! TSL offers three showshoe ranges to reflect the wishes, level and size of the wearer.  There is a wide choice of snowshoes to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits you and will enable you to shine out in the snow!


The snowshoes in the GRIP range are known for their technicality, robustness and high performance grip. They are ideal for people who want to venture off the beaten track. Their frames combined with technical bindings give you good foot support and grip on any terrain.

GRIP snowshoes are geared towards alpine type activities and are specifically for those who wish to tackle steep slopes and require grip when going uphill or banking.

They are therefore recommended for advanced users!


The snowshoes in the HYPERFLEX range are known for their light weight and hyper-flexibility. Their ergonomic bindings and flexible frames adapt to all types of terrain, providing remarkable walking comfort. Perfect for venturing into the powder and forest in excellent conditions!

HYPERFLEX snowshoes are primarily intended for people who want to go on long hikes! Their lightness and elasticity will make your journey even more enjoyable! After all, isn’t pleasure the key to a quality hiking? 


The DISCOVERY range was created for those who love easy hiking and family outings. The robust and rigid frame and the easy-to-adjust bindings are the main reasons why these snowshoes stand out from the rest. They offer the perfect hike for those who dream of the great outdoors! 

The DISCOVERY snowshoes are designed for people who like to follow the marked trails!


The latest addition to the collection, the  SMART is quite simply a new way of walking!

Lightweight and minimalist, the SMART is the perfect compromise between snowshoes and walking crampons. Its freedom of movement and solid support make it an extension of the users’ shoe, thanks to its intuitive and precise fit.

Compared to an everyday shoe, its small volume allows for a natural and easy walk. Walking is made easier and performance enhanced thanks to the load-bearing surface which is multiplied by at least 2, while making it safer.

The SMART is a truly compact snowshoe and is generally used on a compacted surface!