We have talked a lot about the importance of poles in Nordic Walking but the choice of shoes is also important.

For a 1-hour session of Nordic Walking, we take about 6,000 steps. Each step carries one or even one and a half times our body weight. That's between 12 and 34 tonnes, which your feet and shoes must carry! The choice of shoes for Nordic Walking is therefore very important for your well-being and health!

Shoes for Nordic Walking can be low or high. They should be light, airy and have a sole that is resistant to all types of surfaces.
They should have a secure heel and padding in the toe area to prevent the foot from banging against the toe of the shoe.
Good shoes will give you better balance and foot support during exercise. In addition, a good Nordic Walking shoe will provide comfort during and after your outing and avoid minor inconveniences and injuries (blisters, overheating, etc.).

In short, forget the big trekking or mountaineering shoes! More and more people are using running shoes, trail shoes or asphalt shoes but walking shoes can also be used!