Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX STEP-IN: Combining the best of Hyperflex and Step-In technologies, this model will astonish you by its completely natural foot action, its unmatched lightness and ease of fitting.


Level of difficulty : EXPLORE, 2/3

Suitable for hikers looking for ease of use and versatility 


Hyper-flexible and light with an ergonomic binding, the Symbioz adapts to the unevenness of the terrain to give extraordinary traction. The inserts provide elasticity and lightness and offer a feeling of freedom and ease.



Texalium reinforcements, like carbon fibre, support the Symbioz’ distortion constraints. They allow effort to be transmitted evenly across the whole frame to provide a natural stride in both the bending and twisting phases. They give the SYMBIOZ STEP-IN a high level of elasticity for harmonious suppleness and excellent stride absorption.



- Automatic step-in binding. Easy to use and time saving for every snowshoer 

- Heel pressure plate for added comfort



Never has a snowshoe offered such outstanding grip. Combined with the vertical blades, the stainless steel bidirectional crampons placed under the foot give incredible traction (uphill), excellent grip (downhill) and perfect drift control (incline). The flexible frame follows the shape of the terrain, provides superb stability and complete safety and avoids sudden sliding in powder snow. 

- The vertical blades provide superb traction and control on inclines or steep slopes in soft snow.

- 8 steel tips


All our pairs of snowshoes are supplied with bags for transport and storage.


59 x 21 cm 23.5 x 8"
69 x 22.5 cm 27 x 8.5"
485 g x 2 1.2 lbs x 2
585 g x 2 1.29 lbs x2
2 x 8
2 x 8
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