Snowshoes 305 & 325 & 345 INITIAL : Fitted with a ratchet binding and Boa® Fit System, the 305/325 Initial allows you to put your shoes on quickly and tighten them just as you want. Terrific all-terrain comfort…


Level of difficulty : EXPLORE, 2/3

Suitable for hikers looking for ease of use and versatility 


- Hourglass shape : allows for easier stride when walking

- Design 3D : Maximum climbing and side-hill traction under the foot



- Lock Adjustment : This easy-to-use adjustment memorizes your shoe size for all your snowshoeing outings.

- BOA® Fit System : The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.

- Lateral Adjust : offer greater comfort with their side adjustment system that will accept any width of shoe to give maximum foot surround.

- Tightening through a ratchet system for a secure and fast fit

- Bi-material comfort strap

- Sound and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)

- Heel block : only for transporting or storing snowshoe

- Heel lift : facilitates hiking during long climbs,reduces calf muscle fatigue



- Front teeth for maximum traction on steep terrain

- 6 replaceable steel crampons



- Adaptable grips for excellent traction on icy and hard packed snow


All our pairs of snowshoes are supplied with bags for transport and storage.


55 x 20.5 cm 21.6 x 8"
59.5 x 22 cm 23.4 x 8.6"
840 g x 2 1.85 lbs x 2
930 g x 2 2.05 lbs x 2
2 x 6
2 x 6
Front teeth
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