Here are some tips to help you practice nordic walking in the best conditions.

  •  Make sure you have a good pair of light and well-aerated shoes. Preferably with low heels, they should provide both good shock absorption and lateral support.
  • Drink water regularly. Nordic walking is a sport just like any other, and so like other sports, you must not forget to adequately hydrate. The ideal option is to use a backpack with a water pouch or a water-bottle belt.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothing (seamless in order to minimise friction) which is suitable for the weather conditions.
  • Plan your itinerary in advance, evaluate your path and the altitude differentials etc.
  • Tell someone where and when you're going.
  • Adapt your speed to your abilities.
  • The most important thing of all to remember: enjoy yourself, have some fun, and take advantage of the great outdoors…