Sit down with the handle between your legs. With your legs slightly apart and your feet fl at on the snow you will be able to balance and control your speed.



Let the Yooner glide slowly with your feet fl at on the ground to help you stabilize. Keep your arms straight out in front of you and lean your chest in the direction that you would like to go. The upper body remains almost vertical.


Keep one hand on the handle; hold your other hand out on the side where you want to turn (until you are touching the snow) and lean into the turn.




For children or to brake in a straight line: Pull firmly on the handle while pushing with your feet to cause the brake jaw (at the back of the Yooner) to rub against the snow. However, the most eff ective technique for braking is to skid. You begin with a turn and you fi nish by skidding perpendicularly to the slope.