The Yooner is the perfect activity to have fun and enjoy yourself with family and friends! This fun new sliding activity consists of going down the slopes using a special sled mounted on a ski. And believe me, the sensations you’ll get from the Yooner will be thrilling!

With the Yooner, you'll hurtle down the slopes with a breathtaking sense of speed, while keeping control thanks to your low center of gravity. The feeling of freedom you'll feel as you slide down the slope will be just incredible!

What’s more, you’ll have amazing control and balance when using the Yooner! You will have to use your whole body to balance and turn safely, but once you've understood the technique you'll feel like a master of sliding, able to link everything together with style!

So, are you in?

If you don't want to miss out on a unique and fun riding experience, you definitely have to try the Yooner !

Yooner - Mars 2023