The Special Traverse Pole! Link the most diverse types of support with maximum efficiency!

Instinctively change the position of your hand on the handle and supports for:
- Safe and effective grip.
- Natural and powerful support for the edge of your hand, thus avoiding needless gripping of the handle.
- Energy saving both rising and falling while providing maximum power.


• EVA foam handle : 1 adjustable support-handle (you can adjust the support height (depending on the slope) for maximum efficiency and accuracy of force distribution) + 1 fixed support-handle 
•  Detachable Leach (Prevents loss of the poles on steep slopes. Secure, instant unclipping in the event of a fall.)
•  2 parts Carbon
•  External Lock System 
•  Tungsten tip
•  Push & Pull System


250 g x 2 0,55 lbs x 2
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