When we think of trail equipment, we often think of shoes, technical clothing and a trail bag. However, there is one essential item that is often forgotten: the trail poles. Much more than a simple accessory, trail poles have become an essential companion for trail runners. Poles are an integral part of your equipment and can greatly enhance your experience on the trails.

And yes, don't underestimate the importance of trail poles in your running!  We'll explain why:


One of the key benefits of trail poles is their ability to provide extra stability and balance. Whether you're traversing rough terrain, muddy passages or steep slopes, poles give you extra support and confidence. They reduce the risk of slips and falls!


When you're running or walking on hard or technical terrain, your joints are under a lot of stress. Trail poles help to reduce this impact by absorbing part of the load on descents or by allowing you to lean on them on climbs. This takes the strain off your knees, ankles and hips, allowing you to extend your outings and recover more quickly: it's all to the good!


Trail poles add extra power to your stride. On climbs, you can propel yourself using your arms and legs simultaneously, enabling you to climb hills more efficiently. They also help you maintain a steady pace and save energy, particularly during long-distance runs.

Trail poles aren't just for running. They can also be used for hiking and, above all, for Fast Hiking. Their versatility makes them a wise investment for all outdoor sports enthusiasts!


Investing in a quality pair of TSL trail poles will transform your Trail experience and allow you to explore new terrain while confidently pushing your limits