At the heart of the SMART

Discover our brand-new range of snowshoes: the SMART, a revolution redefining the way you walk in the mountains! The SMART ingeniously combines buoyancy and traction, offering the perfect compromise between traditional snowshoes and hiking crampons.

This innovation stands out for its freedom of movement and optimal support, made possible by the front and rear tails that perfectly follow the natural roll of the foot. Thanks to its minimal bulk, the SMART allows for a more natural and effortless walk, making it the ideal extension of your footwear.


The addition of the intuitive and precise BOA® Fit System to its liner makes it even more exceptional. This system, featured on several of our snowshoes, provides increased agility and speed, allowing for quicker and more powerful changes of direction. Power and precision are also guaranteed, offering explosive action and unparalleled accuracy. Furthermore, the BOA® Fit System ensures quick on and off of your snowshoes.

With a surface area at least doubled, traction ensured by 10 interchangeable spikes positioned under different pressure points of the foot, and traction bars for optimal grip on all types of snow, the SMART enhances efficiency while ensuring unmatched safety.

Transporting this snowshoe is simplified with its included carrying bag upon purchase or delivery.

The SMART is available in three sizes: S, M, L. In an environmentally conscious approach, we have chosen to offer a distinct color for each size. This eco-friendly approach reduces the number of options, thereby minimizing plastic diversity and waste. Additionally, it facilitates size identification, reducing errors or exchanges.

Like all our snowshoes, the SMART is fully repairable at home through our spare parts and tutorial videos service, or at one of our Repair Centers.

You can order it now on our website, where you'll find the manual and all necessary information, as well as from our authorized dealers.

So, are you convinced by this new technology? Don't wait, stocks are depleting quickly!