Snowshoes - Code of conduct & security

dans Snowshoes le 08/20/2015


• I ask about any dangerous areas; winter paths are very different from summer paths
• I choose an itinerary suitable for my physical condition. I inquire about the route chosen and I do not go alone too far and not for too long

I keep updated on weather conditions and avalanche risk


• I use suitable equipment and clothing in good condition. I bring hot drinks and food
• I use safety and orientation equipment suitable for the difficulty of my trek (map, pharmacy, survival blanket, rope, «ARVA», snow probe, shovel…)


• Fauna: do not follow animal tracks
• Flora: young trees and vegetation
• Keep sites clean and quiet: one track is enough for a whole group


• I leave ski slopes to skiers, I inquire about winter activity regulations, I respect other users’ need for quietness


• Mountain guides, Ski patrols, local police forces, civil security, local weather forecast Park rangers, Natural Reserve Guards, etc

Our snowshoes have been designed for recreational use in areas that are safe and close to residential areas. They are not intended for mountaineering or climbing use. TSL cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance or disregard of the intended use.

In case of any accident, protect the victim, keep her warm, reassure him or her and call for help. Dial 112 (Europe).

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