Many mistakes are made when starting Nordic walking. Like in any sport, it is essential to learn to recognize and correct them. That's what we've decided to focus on in our article this month. We've prepared a list of the most common mistakes and some tips to overcome them:


Mistake 1 - Forgetting to warm up

It's important to perform a warm-up before each session. It helps prepare the muscles and increase the heart rate. This essential warm-up, often neglected, will nevertheless prevent the risk of injury. To understand how to prepare well before going out, you can check our article: How to warm up properly for Nordic walking?

Mistake 2 - Choosing the wrong equipment

One of the most important and often poorly chosen elements is the poles. Indeed, the size and quality of your poles are crucial. Choosing poles that are not suitable for your height can be a lasting hindrance. If the poles are too short, your movement will lack amplitude, and you may end up bending your back. If your poles are too long, your propulsion will not be effective, and you will lose efficiency. Also, do not neglect the quality of the Nordic walking poles: it is essential. To make sure you make the right choice, create the perfect poles for you with our pole configurator! However, your feet are also crucial and have special needs in Nordic walking. Poorly chosen shoes can be risky as they will not provide the feet with the appropriate cushioning, support, and grip on variable surfaces. Grip is crucial and allows you to have a good step with grip and a good push for a good walking range. You will also need flexibility and flexibility in the shoe to keep a light and easy step. This is also the right way to have a good ankle and foot roll. You can even check our article to have a top outfit: How to gear up for Nordic walking?

Mistake 3 - Forgetting to drink

It is necessary to drink while walking. Even if walking is a gentle sport, your body consumes water. We offer, for example, flasks that are easily transportable in our bags or finisher belts. It is EXTREMELY important to hydrate regularly. The opposite can lead to dehydration, heatstroke, and even fainting!

Mistake 4 - Having bad posture

Bad posture can cause discomfort after a workout and can slow us down. Standing up straight and looking far ahead helps to speed up the pace while enjoying the scenery. While maintaining our comfort after a session.

Mistake 5 - Having poor arm/leg synchronization

In Nordic walking, it's important that the rhythm of the arms is the same as that of the legs, so with each pole plant, a step is taken. It may be necessary to count in rhythm to achieve this.

Mistake 6 - Keeping the pole in the hand

It's important to hold the pole firmly in the hand when planting it on the ground and release it at hip level to be able to stretch the arm backward and have a good range of motion. By keeping the poles in hand, we are less comfortable reaching far behind, which is why TSL Nordic walking poles in the tactil range are equipped with magnetic leashes that allow you to release the poles without risking losing them. It is also essential to stretch your arms during your "relaxation" phases.

Mistake 7 - Walking in a "amble"

Walking in an "amble" means advancing the arm and leg on the same side. An error often made when starting out. Indeed, the coordination of arms and legs can cause problems, yet it is necessary to walk as naturally as possible: the foot that touches the ground is in opposition to the hand that pricks and pushes on the pole. To correct this error and resume the cross-matching of arms/legs specific to normal walking and Nordic walking, simply stop and start again, letting the poles drag behind you with the leashes, then pick up the poles in hand to prick the ground in the continuity of natural walking, at the pace of steps. Or, you can trot for a few meters so that the body regains the right movement naturally and get back on the rhythm of walking without stopping.

Mistake 8 - Planting the pole too early/too late

Planting your poles in front or behind your steps is not correct in Nordic walking. The gesture is effective when the pole is planted between the two feet. This area allows the poles to be sufficiently inclined to propel the practitioner forward and to go to the end of the gesture. If the poles are planted too far in front, the push will be difficult and risky for the body as it will strain the joints, while when planted too far back, it will be difficult to push on them to the maximum and therefore tone the upper body effectively. Now, you have all the cards in hand to be among the best in Nordic walking. So, let's go!"