There are those who go hiking at dawn to take advantage of the morning cool and the softness of the first rays of the sun which gradually colour the surrounding peaks... and those who prefer to leave later to finish their walk at sunset! Both strategies have the significant advantage of being able to enjoy deserted paths and trails (with the reward of incredible light for landscape photographers).

Whether you prefer to walk alone, with your family or with friends who are seasoned hikers, in Tignes you will find trails to suit every level of experience, leading you to an exceptional panorama without any effort (or on the contrary, with a few hundred meters of D+ more on your connected watch!)

L'arête de Fresse
The Fresse ridge: the sun until the last very minute!

From Tignes Val Claret, take the path that climbs to the Col de Fresse via the Paquis valley, which has wonderful flowers in early summer. Once at the Col de Fresse, turn left and cross the whole ridge (path without any particular difficulty) until you reach the orientation table at 2700 m altitude. From there, let yourself be dazzled by the 360° view of the Grande Motte, the Grande Casse, the Grande Sassière, and by the extent of the Tignes - Val d'Isère domain (linked by ski in winter and by foot or mountain bike in summer). Then retrace your steps along the same path, which is useful if you don't have a good sense of direction!

Tip: you can also take the last leg of the Tovière cable car to reach the orientation table in just a few minutes (and then walk back down after having had a good look). Good to know: access to the pedestrian lifts is included in the My Tignes activity card!

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La Grande Sassière
La Grande Sassière: multi-faceted and multi-level!

You will need to take your car and drive up a winding road to the car park at Le Saut, the starting point for a number of walks suitable for all walking levels. A short walk along the edge of the Lac du Saut and among the ruins of the old stone slate-roofed chalets just a stone's throw from the car park, an easy excursion along a path or a 4x4 track (your choice) to the Lac de la Sassière, or a challenging hike reserved for good walkers to the summit of the Grande Sassière (Europe's highest hike offering a 360° panorama of the French, Swiss and Italian peaks!) you can choose your programme while waiting for the sun to go down! And for all: a breathtaking view of this mythical summit, which rises to 3747 m altitude.

Bonus tip: take your binoculars! It is not uncommon to see chamois or ibex on the very steep slopes of the Grande Sassière (not to mention the hundreds of marmots that flourish on the plateau below).

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La croix de Combe Folle
La Croix de Combe Folle: lake view or mountain view, why choose?

From the Lavachet, take the botanical path down and continue towards La Gouille du Salin (a resurgence of icy water with Caribbean colours directly from the Grande Motte glacier!), then towards the waterfall known as the Voile de la Mariée, and go back up towards the Croix de Combe Folle via the discovery path (good shoes essential). Up there, you won't know where to turn or what to look at next: Lac du Chevril? Grande Sassière ? Mont Blanc glowing under the last rays of the sun on the horizon? Keep your eyes wide open to take in as many memories as possible before descending via the Pas de Tovière, an easier path than the outward journey, which will take you back to your starting point in about 45 minutes.

Bonus tip: if you are in a hurry, you can simply do the hike as a round trip by climbing the Pas de Tovière (same starting point at Lavachet).

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A few more tips to help you enjoy your hike:

  • Remember to take a headlamp (if you continue your walk with a picnic dinner and decide to return after dark)
  • Make sure you have something warm to wear: temperatures cool down quickly once the sun has gone behind the mountains!
  • And of course: a charged phone, for your safety but also to capture the moment and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok! You can even tag TSL Outdoor (@tsloutdoor) and Tignes (@tignesofficial) and use the #tsloutdoor #tignes to increase your chances of having your content re-shared by the resort.