This Yooner offers comfort, fun and safety. The seat is mounted on a suspension system that acts as a shock- absorber on bumpy slopes. The stainless steel ski provides gliding sensations similar to skiing (edging). Finally, the Yooner is fitted with a “claw brake” for safety. Simply pull the handle towards you to stop.Thrills guaranteed!

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Chassis : 

Very good base with curved handle providing excellent steering of the Yooner.

Ski :

Stainless steel shock resistant ski offering gliding sensations close to that of skis (carving).

Detailed features

Weight7.70 lbs
Sizes23 x 28 x 10 ''

Shock absorber : 

It absorbs the relief of the slope and makes the descent more comfortable

Braking :

To stop yourself, skid just as you would in skiing or pull the handle back to dig the claws into the snow.  

Made in France.

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